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Meet the Coaches at Elite Golf Schools of Arizona

Riley Andrews, founder and golf coach in Gilbert, Arizona

Riley Andrews

Founder, Owner

As the Founder of EGS, Riley constantly works with the coaches of EGS to better improve each students’ understanding of the effective systems needed to shoot lower scores and improve. By understanding these systems, it becomes easier for players to understand what it takes to become a great player. He is a firm believer in “practicing with the purpose to improve one’s ability to score.” He also has extensive background in sports psychology, muscle dynamics, and biomechanics. The blending of his knowledge of the mind and body accompanied with his playing experience will ensure that all players enrolled at EGS reach their goals and aspirations.

Playing Resume:

  • Playing professional for 2.5 years with one career win
  • 2011 Athlete of the Year at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
  • 2007 (September) Athlete of the Week, University of Colorado – Boulder
  • One Career Collegiate Win and over 15 top-10’s
  • 2004 CHSAA 5A Colorado State Championship Medalist
  • 2005 Colorado Junior Stroke Play Champion
  • Low Round in Competition, 63
Tyler Bishop Golf Coach in Mesa, Arizona

Tyler Bishop

Co-Owner, College Prep Advisor

As the College Prep Advisor at Elite Golf Schools of Arizona, Tyler believes in total player development as a golfer and student. This encompasses on and off course development that forces players to continue to strive for improvement. Tyler specializes in the collegiate recruitment department with the goal of helping players obtain golf scholarships to proven and successful universities that are compatible with the player. Tyler also plays a pivotal role in helping students set appropriate goals and stay on the track to achieve them.

Playing Resume:

  • Playing Professional for 4 Years with 4 Career Wins
  • 2009 Golfweek #1 Ranked DII College Player in Nation
  • 2010 Athlete of the Year at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs
  • 4 Career Collegiate Wins and over 20 Top-10’s
  • Low Round in Competition, 63
Tyler Bishop Golf Coach in Mesa, Arizona

Kasey Claussen

Director of Instruction, Gilbert & Mesa locations

Kasey brings her passion for golf and growing the game to Elite Golf Schools of Arizona with an experienced golf background and a love for coaching. Through her knowledge and experience of competitive golf, she strives to inspire every student to improve and perform to reach their potential. She understands the dynamics of the golf swing and the importance of developing students on and off the golf course.

Playing Resume:

  • 1st team All-Conference in High School ’05, ’06
  • 6 top 10 finishes in Senior Season at Colorado State University
  • Mountain West Conference All-Conference team in 2009
  • Ranked 18th in the nation for par 3 scoring average in 2009
  • Placed 2nd in Cactus Tour event in 2016
  • Low Round in competition, 67
Tyler Bishop Golf Coach in Mesa, Arizona

James Swantko

Director of Instruction, Cave Creek location

James is the Head Instructor of Dove Valley Ranch GC, as well as PGA Apprentice. He is an Ohio native who is deeply passionate about golf, music, and family. He joined the PGA as an apprentice professional in 2011 and since then has dedicated his career to COACHING the game, not simply teaching the golf swing. James is passionate that anyone and everyone can play this wonderful game and he strives to make the game and every lesson fun, informative, and simple. His belief: This game does not need to be complex, however, in order to achieve this, every student must walk away with ownership of their swing and their game or we have failed them.

  • Teaching and Playing Professionally for 8 years
  • Coach to numerous Web.com Tour playing professionals
  • Qualified for the 2017 Arizona Open
  • Low round in competition, 68
Shelby Phillips Women's Golf Coach in Phoenix, Arizona

Shelby Phillips

Assistant Coach

As an assistant coach, Shelby ensures the competitive advancement of all juniors enrolled in our programming. Although Shelby provides valuable experiences for junior players at a competitive level, she also is a certified Elite Golf Schools of Arizona instructor. Her impressive golf resume speaks for itself and her insights ensure the progression of her students.

Playing Resume:

  • Ranked as the #2 Player in AZ, #116 Golfweek in 2009
  • 2007 & 2009 PGA Junior Series Player of the Year
  • Earned Full-Ride Scholarship to the University of Iowa
  • Low Round in Competition, 67
Roland Hernandez, Elite Golf Coach in Phoenix Arizona

Roland Hernandez

Assistant Coach

Roland’s passion for the game becomes evident as soon as you begin speaking with him. He is a true ambassador of the game and enjoys instilling that same passion into all of his students. His understanding of the proper golfing mindset is unrivaled and his knowledge of the game will help all of his students raise their games to new heights. With a low score of 66 in competition, there is no question his coaching will help you get the ball holed in fewer strokes.


212 is our culture

At 211 degrees water is hot. Very hot! However, at 212 degrees water boils. When it boils it creates steam and with steam you can move a locomotive. It is our belief that every coaching session should bring this same attitude. It is, quite literally, that extra degree that every EGS coach is constantly striving to provide to each student we are lucky enough to coach. We feel privileged and humbled to coach you in this wonderful game.

– Riley Andrews, Founder Elite Golf Schools of AZ

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