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Kyle Carothers

Lead Physical Trainer

About Kyle Carothers

As the current owner of Power Stroke Fitness, Kyle brings a wealth of passion, knowledge and experience in the area of strength and conditioning for rotational athletes, specifically golfers. Following a career in baseball, Kyle immersed himself into the strength and conditioning world working several years as first a personal trainer then a strength and conditioning coach while becoming certified in both by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA). With Kyle’s divergent and unique experiences as an athlete and as a coach, he returned to the world of strength and conditioning and discovered a new passion, golf. This led him to a certification through the Titleist Performance Institute (sponsored by the golf company Titleist dedicated to improving strength and conditioning specifically for golfers). Since his certification last April, Kyle started his business, Power Stroke Fitness, and has dedicated himself to learning everything that he can about ways to improve power, efficiency, consistency, and performance for golfers of all ages. Kyle’s ultimate vision is to not only improve the game, but also the lives of all players through the medium of golf fitness.

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