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Elite Golf Programs

Check out our upcoming in person and virtual programs offered by our world-class coaches!

Virtual Programs

Our virtual programs take a special approach to both the education and application to all players. Each of these programs is specially designed to take players through an intensive and comprehensive approach to improvement. Buckle up and get ready to make the gains you’ve always wanted! #hitflushers

Through Riley’s Eyes

Have you ever wanted to get to know Riley’s take on the golf swing? Think ‘P90X’. Think ‘Peloton’. This program is designed to emulate aspects of these coaching experiences BUT for golf! AND it is designed and ran by Founder and Owner of Elite Golf, Riley Andrews. In this 8-part series, Riley will take players through the foundations of the golf swing and help students better understand the match-ups that make up world-class golf swings.

There is a warning to this program, however. You will experience Riley at his fullest… He is an intense individual and his way of conveying the golf swing is intense. This is an in-your-face program that, while it promises to deliver, will push players to lose their old way of thinking and replace it with a new lens; a lens that allows the player to manage their game and their swing at a whole new level.

If this sounds like the breakthrough in your game that you’ve been seeking, please join Riley in his quest to mentor, educate, and improve thousands of lives through the game of golf. Let the gains begin!

Included in Program:

  • Led by Owner and Founder, Riley Andrews
  • Access to community discord
  • Access to discounted accelerator programs with EGS Certified Coach, Alex Trevino
  • Each class moderated by EGS Certified Coach, Alex Trevino
  • 8 hour long sessions (under $40 per session) – $1,600 value for $299
  • Access to all 8 hours of coaching for life
  • If you can’t make a session, DON’T WORRY!! Each session will be recorded and students will have unlimited access to all videos based on their schedule
  • 10-15 minute live Q&A after each session

Swing Improvement Series

This program will take you through a series of 8 interactive training sessions, designed to help you implement the systems we teach at Elite Golf Schools. If you attend the session live, you will have the opportunity to engage and ask questions.If you can’t attend the lives, these sessions will be recorded and made available for you to view on your own leisure.

You will also receive access to a community Discord group where you can share your progress and receive support from the group.

Equipment Needed:

  • Rope (8ft)
  • Medicine Ball (4lbs)
  • PVC Pipe (5ft)

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