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    About the program

    This program was designed for individuals who are committed to becoming the best. The curriculum offers a coaching program that is tailored specifically to each individual and directed by Riley Andrews. Each player’s curriculum is designed to provide the tools needed to compete at the highest level.

    The program takes a very holistic look at each player with one goal in mind: WINNING! Players in this program are trained in all areas of the game (physical, mental, on-course training, etc.) to constantly and consistently improve. Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation with Riley.



    To become a true champion, all aspects of the game must be learned. Developing technique that holds up under pressure, understanding how to get the most out of a practice schedule, creating correct strategies throughout a round of golf, and so much more must be implemented in order to play constant, high-level golf. In this program, players will receive a totally customized plan to become a competitor and get the most out of their game in the short and long-term.

    Bottom line, these players learn how to win golf tournaments. The culture that we create as a family is one of competitiveness. Part of the enjoyment of this game is understanding that we can always be better. Striving to become a more improved version of yourself is a powerful motivator and will take these individuals to great heights in golf and in life.

    If these are qualities that you are looking for in a coach and a golf program, Elite Golf may be the right home for you. For more information on the program and to set up a complimentary consultation, contact Riley directly.

    Junior Champions Program

    Junior Champions

    • 1X/week $325/mo
    • 2X/week $575/mo
    • Open Gym $699/mo

    What’s Included?

    Personalized Practice Plans

    Adidas Sportswear Discounts

    Certified Physical Trainers

    TrueSpec Club Fitting

    Sports Psychologists

    Playing Professional Guest Speakers

    Tournament Scheduling & Prep

    College Recruitment Packages

    Swing Video Analysis

    Flightscope & Training Aids

    Indoor Training Facility

    Your Team

    Riley Andrews

    Director of Instruction

    Seth Heppner

    TJ Kathrineberg

    Lead Performance Coach

    Seth Heppner

    Kameron O’Nan

    Lead Practice Strategy Coach

    Seth Heppner

    Alex Trevino

    Lead Playing Strategy Coach

    Seth Heppner

    Ian Dixon

    Lead Short Game & Putting Coach

    Howard Falco

    Alex Lobeck

    Mindset Coach

    Luke Bracke

    Dr. Luke Bracke

    Lead Movement Specialist

    Kyle Carothers

    Kyle Carothers

    Strength and Conditioning Trainer

    Luke Bracke

    James Beasley

    College Recruitment Coordinator

    Elite Golf Schools of Arizona


    At Elite Golf Schools, we offer our Junior Champions athletes the finest amenities the game can offer. From swing video analysis to our indoor training facility, EGS provides each individual with the tools needed to achieve each players’ goals.


    Video Analysis

    club fitting vector

    Club Pitting

    indoor gold vector

    Indoor Facility


    Our indoor golf training facility located in our Gilbert, AZ offers ultimate benefits for each player. Packed with the latest in golf technology, our training studio provides students with the tools they need to holistically improve their game. To learn more about our indoor golf facility and to book time with a private coach, contact Elite Golf Schools of Arizona today.


    The use of video can help players in this program tremendously. Since these players have a rigorous training schedule, being able to continue training while on the road is imperative. Unlimited video analysis and video calls is included for each player.

    Often times, video analysis is correlated to swing analysis. While this is still an important element of video analysis, most players use this amenity to consult with Riley in order to go over strategy and goal setting for each tournament. Sometimes a video call adds the level of conviction that is needed to commit to the game plan Video analysis for players in this program include and are not limited to:

    Texted or emailed analysis of golf swing
    Video calls to go over strategy for out of state tournaments
    Video calls to pinpoint personal goals


    Elite Golf Schools of Arizona is proud to offer Flightscope to Junior Champions. This technology measures all shots, from your short game through full shots. In this program, Flightscope is primarily used for yardage gapping, measuring distance wedges, understanding ball flight based on club and ball flight data, and optimizing driver parameters. Players in this program have unlimited access to this technology as well as all other tech the academy offers. Additional technology includes: BodiTrak Pressure Mat, FocusBand, Blast Golf, Perfect Putter, and endless training aids.


    The Junior Champions Program is excited to partner with True Spec Golf. True Spec is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is the worldwide leader in custom fitting. The premium brand agnostic club fitting company was founded in 2014 and now has over 20 studios around the world. True Spec Golf’s fitting matrix stocks more than 30,000 combinations of club heads and shafts from all leading equipment manufacturers and it services golfers of all abilities, from the beginning golfer, to seasoned amateur tournament players and professional golfers, and every caliber of player between. Its expertise has been validated by some of the most well-known PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players around the world. True Spec strives to offer the best possible experience, providing every player with clubs that maximize their potential and performance.

    Gilbert 480-757-2107
    Cave Creek 480-744-0272
    Colorado 303-708-1090


    • Must be fully committed to the coaching and education delivered by coaches and mentors of Elite Golf
    • Must be committed to strength and conditioning curriculum delivered by strength coordinator
    • Must be able to practice at least a minimum of 15 hours per week
    • Must actively pursue college recruitment through excelling in classroom and in tournament play

    (time includes weekly coaching times, individual practice, workouts, tournaments, etc.)

    Application Process

    We have begun accepting applications for the 2021 season. Upon receiving a players’ application, an in-person interview will be scheduled.


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