High School GOLF Programs

Players looking to compete on their high school team and eventually contend in the collegiate ranks need consistent high-level training. That is precisely where EGS comes in. Our model for coaching has produced high-school state championship medalists and numerous college scholarships. We believe that in order to excel in this great game, a mindset that is productive, positive, and passionate must be molded. Our coaches instill these principles into every one of our high-school athletes. We guarantee the results needed to play at the highest level.

At the developmental-level, roughly 70% of players’ time is spent training all facets of the game off of the golf course. At this level the fundamentals of the game are taught; posture, set-up, establishing the foundation of an athletic golf swing, routine building, and learning games and drills to ensure improvement are implemented.

In the advanced programs, players will experience much more time on the golf course. For competitive players 70% of the students’ time is spent on the course to push for improvement. At this level, it is imperative that players better understand strategy, the competitive mindset, how to read different situations, and understand shotmaking. High school competitive athletes need a system that centers around scoring. It is only when this system is implemented that players will reach their potential.

These programs allow for young men and women to improve in a small group environment. We educate our players in a way that allows them to take control of their game and improve through the advancement of the mind and body.  With a competitive setting, a learning atmosphere and a structure that allows for total player development, our teaching academy suits all players who a looking to #achieveexcellence.

Junior GOLF Programs

At EGS of Arizona our goal is to give juniors the coaching and support they need to improve their games and grow as young men and women. We believe that golf offers juniors of all skill levels the opportunity to learn fundamental values that translate to daily life. We instruct our juniors in a positive, fun, and interactive way that is personalized to the individual. This means that we keep our group sizes small and have players of the same skill levels and ages learning together in a friendly team environment.

This one of a kind junior coaching program allows your child to learn the great game of golf. Each week your junior will be coached by our instructors in all areas of the game, on and off the golf course. They will compete together and perform drills in a structured atmosphere to help them become better golfers.

Adult GOLF Programs

At Elite Golf Schools of Arizona, our goal is to provide students the coaching, instruction and support needed to lower scores. We believe that in order to improve the golfer’s experience, a positive mindset must first be understood. Our instructors teach in a passionate, fun, and interactive manner that allows for our students to succeed in the game of golf.

These programs are designed to educate our students in all realms of the game including on-course instruction. Each week we will tailor the program to the individual clients’ needs and help each student reach his or her goals.

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