AZ Golf Academy: The Top 5 Ways to Succeed as a Junior Golfer

Want to be at the top of your game? Our junior golf academy programs not only help juniors learn the game in a fun and interactive environment but also develop the necessary skills that will help them succeed on the course. With regular coaching, junior golfers will register for tournaments and start competing. Along with taking lessons and attending golf clinics and camps to improve their skills, there are a lot of things juniors can do on their own to better their scores. Here are the top five things players should do to improve their golf game and be more successful:

Top ways Mesa junior golfers succeed

Make It Competitive

There’s nothing better than a little competition to help improve a player’s game! Compete with friends informally or compete in regular weekend games. Juniors should also compete against themselves. There are numerous putting, chipping, and on-course games that make practice that much more interesting.

At Elite Golf Schools of Arizona, our junior golf coaches help players set goals to improve their game on and off the course. We have found our best results from motivating our students to compete against one another rather than just practicing more. Mixing in personal goals and monthly improvement plans along with matches with peers has proven to provide our students with the best results. Healthy competition will drive junior golfers to improve their skills and become a complete player. Plus, they have more fun!

Junior golf competition success Gilbert Arizona

Play A LOT!

Practice…is boring. Playing is a blast! So, go play!! The best way to become a better golfer is simply to play a lot of golf. And we mean a LOT. It is here, on the course, where you experience all that golf offers. Uneven lies, shots behind trees, fairway bunker shots, and rough lies. Plus it provides players with the true rhythm of the game: hit a driver, then an eight iron, then a chip and finish with a put rather than hitting thirty 7-irons in a row on the range.

The more a junior golfer plays, the more comfortable they become on the course. And that is truly where players should be at home. We’d rather see players who are more comfortable on the course than on the range. To improve even faster tack on a playing lesson with a coach. Then players will understand shot making, strategy and the mindset to play golf at a higher level. And that’s what gives golfers the true bug – lower scores!!!

Work on Your Short Game

Putting practice junior golf lessons in Gilbert Arizona A good short game is a must if a player is to reach their full potential. No matter how great a player’s ball striking becomes, everyone still has poor rounds tee to green. During those rounds, wedges must save the player and salvage the round. Plus, a good short game de-stresses the long shots. Instead of having to hit the green with 6-iron, who cares! Hit it next to the green and rely on a great short game. Most PGA professionals spend between 80-90 percent of their practice on the putting green and right around the perimeter of it. Why shouldn’t you apply the same practice approach?

Practice these shorter shots so you don’t throw away your hard work at the end of every hole.

Hit it Hard!!

On the other hand, golf is a distance game. Developing speed and distance is a must to be great in today’s game. With distances neering 8,000 yards on the PGA Tour, junior golfers with high aspirations cannot afford to be short knockers. When you have a driver in your hands, rip it!
In your daily practice, hit drivers…and hit them hard! See if you can hit it to the end of your range or even over the net. And accuracy?? Its second fiddle compared to distance. Driving accuracy is just below 65% on accuracy on tour. Hit it far first and learn to control it second.

Have a Blast!

Junior golfer driving practice for distance in Arizona Golf should be fun! It’s only when you are having fun that you’ll feel truly engaged in lessons and practice. Enjoy the process of learning! It takes time to become great and everyone must go through the same trials and tribulations. Take the time to learn the fundamentals, improving skill sets, and develop and modify goals. Mastering anything takes time. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.

Elite Golf Schools of Arizona offers programs specifically designed for junior and high school golfers. We offer programs, camps, and private lessons and coaching. Our golf coaches provide instruction on and off the course, developing personalized improvement plans and training sessions to help young athletes achieve their dreams and goals.

Our Arizona junior golf programs are designed for small groups that ensure that each player receives plenty of individual attention. Contact Elite Golf Schools of Arizona today to learn more about our junior golf programs in Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Cave Creek and begin the path to greatness today. #achieveexcellence