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School Year Brings Chance to Set New Goals

School Year Brings Chance to Set New Goals

July 6, 2016

In the next few weeks, student golfers will be gathering up backpacks and books, along with golf clubs. It’s an exciting time with a fresh start for everyone in many areas of their lives: new friends, new grade, and new classrooms.

It also a good time to start some new, good-for-you habits.

All of our students have a “success plan” to help guide them through the skills that can better their games. If a golfer sees areas for improvement, look at the calendar and find time for an extra practice. If a golfer wants to get to the course more, we support players in scheduling time with a classmate. We also encourage tournament play, family golf time and checking out the variety of courses in the East Valley.

Elite Coaches are also available for private lessons. We want to help players meet their goals.

Student golfers are not the only ones who get this opportunity. With school starting, moms and dads can also look at their calendars and see where they want to add to or change routines. Perhaps it’s time to come hit balls with the kids or try a lesson or two. We welcome parent visitors to come observe classes, as well. Some find it’s a good time to bond and talk with their children (especially those teens!).

Elite coaches believe in the dreams and goals of our golfers. Let us help you start the new (school) year in the right direction.

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