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    No Golf Course Needed For Our Customized Golf Instruction Programs
    No Golf Course Needed!

    Customized Golf Instruction Programs For Men, Women, Seniors, Juniors & Beginners

    At Elite Golf, we are passionate about helping our students improve their game, even from afar. We currently train and coach players from all around the world. We’ve worked with players from Europe, Australia, South America, Asia, and our neighbors in Canada and Mexico.

    If you are looking to improve, we can help you! All you need is a phone! Send us a contact form submission and begin your journey with us!

    1 Hour Zoom Or FaceTime Golf Lesson

    All you need is a phone and a tripod. We will access you through FaceTime or Zoom and you and your coach go to town! Prior to your session we will need a video from down the line and frontal view. No golf course needed! Over the course of the hour you will better understand how to control face stability, bottom out points, healthy movement to alleviate pain, how to load your body and club more… you name it! Whatever is limiting you, we can help!

    Learn Golf From Home With 1 Hour Zoom Or FaceTime Golf Lessons

    Video Swing Analysis Session

    Simply send us your golf swing from down the line and frontal view. Our movement experts will send you back a video to help you better understand how to improve your golf swing. You will either receive a video of our coaches showing you how to move better or a side by side of your swing and a high level mover that will provide the visual comparisons needed to improve your golf swing.

    Video Swing Analysis Session With Our Online Lessons

    Advantages Of Video Sessions


    No Need for a Golf Course!

    Level-up your game right from your living room. All you need is room to swing and discover the ‘code’ away from the course if you chose


    Easily Accessible Coaching Centered Around Results

    We pride ourselves on creating results for our players. If you do not immediately improve, reach out as often as you need. We will work with you until you improve your game!


    Analysis of Your Progress

    Video or still frame capture of the improvements before your session and after


    Digital Notecard

    We will send you a recap of your entire session so no need to try and remember all of the information required!

    Unlock Your Golfing Potential With Our Online Golf Training Program

    Acces Professional Golf Lessons From Anywhere In The World!
    Riley Andrews

    $299 1 Hour Facetime Zoom Session

    $125 Swing Analysis Session

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    Luke Bracke

    $249 1 Hour Facetime Zoom Session

    $125 Swing Analysis Session

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    TJ Kathrinberg

    $175 1 Hour Facetime Zoom Session
    $75 Swing Analysis Session

    Virtual Swing Improvement Program ($199/Mo)
    • Unlimited Swing Analysis between Player and Coach TJ
    • Monthly Private Zoom Lesson 45 mins with video lesson recap

    Tournament Players Mentorship Program ($249/Mo)

    This program is for the serious competitor. Players must have a pre-requisite handicap of 5.0 or below to enroll into this program. This program is for player’s who are seeking to enhance their strategy, mindset, and practice efficiency in order to compete in tournaments and men’s/women’s clubs’ events.

    • Unlimited Swing Analysis
    • Personalized Practice Plan
    • Community Discord Access
    • Monthly Zoom ‘Jam Sesh’ (1 hour)
      Strategy, mindset, practice, tournament prep, golf swing
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    Alex Trevino
    Virtual Swing Improvement Program ($199/Mo)
    • Unlimited Swing Analysis

    • Program designed around improving the player’s technique
    • Monthly Zoom Lesson

    Tournament Players Mentorship Program ($275/Mo)
    • Unlimited Swing Analysis
    • 1 DECADE Open Forum/month
      group webinar with all members
    • Community Discord Access
    • One 1 hour zoom session/mo
      Centered around the individual needs of the player
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    Do You Struggle With Your Golf Swing?

    Access Professional Golf Lessons From Anywhere In The World!

    • Gain Distance

    • Fix your flaws

    • Strike the ball better

    • Improve your Health
    • Develop Consistency
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    Customer testimonials

    Elite Golf has an amazing philosophy. It’s easy to understand and makes golf feel easier to learn. My experience with Coach TJ was really great, he’s good at breaking things down in easy ways to understand. They are one of my favorite accounts on Instagram to follow and although I am a far distance away and not able to be coached in person, I feel that I get a ton of value from their content. I’ve applied many of their concepts at home and at the range with measurable success. These guys know what they are doing, world class coaches.

    Nick Haince 

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    These coaches know what they are doing, world class coaches.

    Happy Female Client Of Our Golf Lessons
    5 Star Rated Women Golf Lessons

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    Arizona Virtual Coach & Private Golf Programs

    At Elite Golf Schools Of Arizona, we are dedicated to helping golfers of all ages and abilities unlock their true potential on the course. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your game to the next level, our online golf training program is designed to help you improve every aspect of your game, from swing mechanics to overall health and fitness.

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