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Is a Custom Club Fitting Necessary?

The Benefits Of Custom Club Fitting In Your Golf Game

Golfers often complain about their clubs being too heavy or too light. They also worry about hitting the ball offline because they don’t hit the sweet spot. In addition, some players struggle with keeping their irons straight. You can address all these issues through a custom club fitting.

The idea of getting custom club fitting is to have a better swing experience. With that in mind, you ensure your clubs are not hitting the ground before getting to the ball and improving your chances of hitting the ball straight. 

In this article, a Gilbert golf instructor will explain the meaning of a custom club fitting and why you need it.

The Benefits Of Custom Club Fitting In Your Golf Game

What Are Custom-Fitted Golf Clubs? Are They Good?

Similar to tailored clothing, a custom-fit set of clubs is designed according to your specifications. They are made to help you hit the ball straight and compensate for any weaknesses. 

Most people think golf fundamentals are keeping your head down, your left arm straight, and ensuring your swing is on a plane. While all these are essential, one of the most crucial aspects of the game is a good set of custom clubs. 

Many humble players claim they don’t need to customize their clubs because they are not good enough. However, using a club without the proper length, weight, and matched shaft flex will cause overcompensation. It could also prevent players from developing the best techniques while playing.

Do I Need Them?

The simple answer is yes. Custom-fitted golf clubs are worth getting. 

Having them means you can improve your practice and make better contact to know more about your swings. This is something necessary for any golfer.

Many golfers look for professional club fitters because they offer many benefits. They have high-tech equipment that analyzes a player’s swing, impact speed, body type, and ability. Custom-fitted clubs improve a golfer’s ability to do a smoother swing. 

In addition to adding distance, the right pair of clubs make you more accurate. You keep yourself out of trouble and in a better position by tightening your shot dispersion. Regardless of the experience, every golfer needs clubs that allow them to hit closer to the pin. 

Luckily, there are many options out there for you to choose your favorite. Before starting your practice with Cave Creek golf programs, think of getting custom-fitted clubs to improve the overall experience. 

Basics To Set Up A Custom Club Fitting

You must consider a few different approaches to find the right setup. Once you know your requirements, you will have a better idea of the lie, length, shaft, and grip you need for your custom-fitted clubs. Take note of this info to calculate your specs: 

  • Start with length. The right length should put you in an athletic position but allow you to make a decent swing.
  • Then, you must continue with the lie angle. Lie helps the club move throughout the turf for better results. It also helps you counter misses.
  • Now you must choose your shaft and flex. Both must be fit to get the right distance and consistency from your shots. 
  • Lastly, you must select the grip. The grip is a bit more personal, so you should know which type works best with your preferred feel and hand size.

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