🏌️‍♂️ Join us on November 14th-16th for Golf School – Elevate Your Game! ⛳ 

Golf Schools & Intensives

Welcome to golf schools and intensives. These experiences offer students the ability to deeply understand our systems of movement and integrate lifelong functional patters into their golf swing. 

Ignite Your Improvement!!

These carefully crafted programs are designed for golfers of all levels who are seeking immediate and long-term improvement of their golf game. These immersive schools offer an intensive and enjoyable experience and are led by our expert coaches who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals in the great game of golf.

Discover the perfect balance between refining your technique and embracing the camaraderie that golf fosters. Against the stunning backdrop of Arizona’s landscape, you’ll engage in personalized instruction, on-course coaching, and memorable moments that will stay with you long after your coaching program. Get ready to take your golf skills to the next level while creating connections and memories that go beyond the course.

Itinerary: A Week Packed with Learning

3 days of tailored training, on and off the course. The schedule is packed with an education on our systems and personalized instruction within a group environment.


Join us from November 14th to 16th at the prestigious Dove Valley Ranch Golf Club for an exclusive golf experience that promises growth and camaraderie. With a focused student-to-teacher ratio of 3:1, you’ll receive a total of 9 hours of expert coaching, led by our certified coaches Alex Trevino, Alex Lobeck, and TJ Kathrineberg. 





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11/14 to 11/16

Alex Trevino, Alex Lobeck, & TJ Kathrineberg

TJ Kathrineberg

TJ Kathrineberg believes golf to be the purest form of competition there is. Never are we directly competing with other individuals, but rather with ourselves

Alex Trevino

Alex was introduced to the game when he was 3 years old and from that moment forward, he has been in love with the game.

Alex Lobeck

Alex is a college & high school golf coach in the valley as well as a professional golfer from Chandler, AZ. Through the years of

Recommended Accommodations

Explore our list of preferred accommodations, offering comfort and convenience for each of our golf school locations. These options provide our recommended ideal bases for an unforgettable experience.

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