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Focus on Short Game Leads Path to BIG DREAMS

Focus on Short Game Leads Path to BIG DREAMS

Focus on Short Game Leads Path to BIG DREAMS

February 12, 2016

“Each day, before you go to the driving range, spend 15 to 30 minutes or even an hour on the putting green. That’s where your focus should be.”

Elite Coach Justin Searles shares the importance of purposeful practice with students to remind them of the importance of “the short game.”

“Putting is really the most important part of the game. You have to get that down. You need to focus on trying to improve that piece each time you’re out here,” he told students.

Students typically take 1 or 2 shots to reach the green. The rest of their score is reliant on their skill near the hole or in scoring zone.

At Elite, we use any number of drills to help students with this ever-important piece of golf. Every day you’ll see students working on ladder drill, distance control drills for putting, chipping and pitching drills, or working on hitting the EGS scoring zone boards on the range.

We encourage players to spend extra time at the course, before or after a lesson or on non-lesson days, to work on this very important part of the game. It will make a real difference in a students’ overall performance.

Every long-term goal in life requires short-term controllable goals. It may seem like you have a ways to go to accomplish your goals, but, if you commit to small improvements each day, you will find that big dreams can be accomplished. #bettereveryday

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