Arizona Adult Golf Lessons

Game evaluation

Game Evaluation

If you are interested in what Elite Golf Schools has to offer or are looking to improve your understanding of the game in various areas, a total game evaluation is a great place to start. Our game evaluation will give you insight into why and where you gain strokes on the course, where your inconsistencies come from in your golf swing, improve your overall short game, and much more! Here’s how we do it… 1.) We send you our official questionnaire prior to your evaluation. 2.) You fill it out and consult with your coach for the first 15 minutes of your evaluation. That will give us direction on where our focus points need to be as well as an opportunity to get to know you better.

3.) Our coaches are trained to then walk you through the goals of the session, write them out, and get to work. 4.) Once we dive into the evaluation we will give you an in depth understanding of where your faults lie and how to correct them. We will do this in the practice area, on-course, inside our training studio, or wherever we need to go to educate you appropriately. 5.) Once you are finished with the evaluation, we will send you a written and/or a video analysis of the session. If you are interested in more information or would like to book a session, click the icon below.

Kameron O’Nan

$ 125

Haily Abel

$ 125

TJ Kathrineberg

$ 125

Riley Andrews

$ 249

Luke Bracke

$ 249

Adult Developmental Program

This is the program of programs. If you have been looking to take control of your game, dedicate yourself to improvement, shoot your lowest scores ever, and truly understand your golf swing, then this is the program that was designed for you! At Elite Golf Schools our passion has always been truly educating players on the entirety of the game. As a young player, Riley’s childhood coach told him that becoming a professional golfer takes 10 years of dedication every day. While most of us do not wish to become professionals in the sport, there is still valuable information in the statement. Golf is hard! It takes time to become proficient in all areas of the game. We liken it to a baseball team… In baseball, you can be exceptional in one area and quite poor in others and still play in the majors. Think of a pitcher… they do not have to be a great hitter; catchers do not have to field the ball well, and first basemen don’t have to be the fastest guy on the squad. However, in golf, you can’t get away with putting the ball poorly even though you strike the ball well… or vice versa!

This program is designed to create players who are adequate and beyond in all areas of the game, including on-course play. In the developmental program players will be coached on and off the course, will have access to 24-hour video analysis from their coach, will have access to their coach via phone calls, texts, email, and they will be guaranteed that their coach will be there to help facilitate improvement for each and every player.

This small, group-based program is customized to each player and 90-day goals will be made specifically for each member of the group. The group sizes will always be small and we will be sure to group players together based on their skill and goal sets. Because of this, we can create a competitive culture and help players to overcome the fear, nerves, and pressures of playing this game. This is not a program for the ‘romantic’ who thinks that private lessons are the only way to go in order to improve. We do offer private sessions for students enrolled in this program but often times 20-30 minutes is all that is needed to re-enforce movements or mindsets for those players who need a clearer understanding of things.

We have seen far greater success through this model of coaching and, again, our passion is creating players who experience success on the course, enjoy the game more, and level-up their entire game. If you are interested learning more about this program please feel free to contact us through the icon below and we can start the process of improving your game!

2 Program Options

Gold Program


  • Meeting minimum of 3X/month with the option of 4X/month
  • Unlimited video analysis
  • Customized program
  • Multiple scheduling options

Platinum Program


  • Meeting minimum of 6X/month with the option of 8X/month

  • Unlimited video analysis
  • Customized program
  • Multiple scheduling options

Virtual Training Program

Let’s face it, for some it’s almost impossible to get to the golf course for a lesson with a coach. For others, getting to us from afar is costly and a total time suck. However, we still would love to level those players up who are in need of better mental representations when it comes to swinging better, feeling better, hitting it farther, and more accurately. Part of the joy of living in today’s day in age is technology. Our virtual program will allow players to access us from their living room and improve their golf swing immediately.

Virtual Training Program

Video Analysis Session


Simply send us your golf swing from down the line and frontal view. Our movement experts will send you back a video to help you better understand how to improve your golf swing. You will either receive a video of our coaches showing you how to move better or a side by side of your swing and a high level mover that will provide the visual comparisons needed to improve your golf swing.


Virtual Hour Session


All you need is a phone and a tripod. We will access you through FaceTime or Zoom and you and your coach go to town! Prior to your session we will need a video from down the line and frontal view. No golf course needed! Over the course of the hour you will better understand how to control face stability, bottom out points, healthy movement to alleviate pain, how to load your body and club more… you name it! Whatever is limiting you, we can help!