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Elite Golf Schools offers a variety of programs geared toward individuals at any level of skill in the game of golf. With golf instructors who are either currently playing or retired from professional play, we have lessons available for students, children, college players, and adults who are looking to improve their skills at our top-rated Chandler Golf School.

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    Exclusive Golf Lessons Near You In Chandler

    Our Chandler golf coaches embody the outlook that in order to improve their game, an individual needs to be mentored and trained by coaches who are continually seeking to improve themselves. No matter where you are at in your skill level, or if you simply want to set up a corporate retreat for team building and relaxation, Elite Golf Schools offers a variety of training programs and packages. Each of our Chandler golf instructors have experience playing at both the collegiate and professional level, and use that knowledge to ensure the improvement of each student we coach. With five-star ratings across the web, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality golf instruction available.


    Top Quality Golf Academy With 5-Star Reviews Near Chandler

    With a son who is addicted to the sport it has so far been a wonderful experience for us. He comes home from lessons talking about what he has learns each week and can’t wait to hit the course to implement what he has learned. The facilities are great for both the student and the parent who wants to relax while the young ones work. For these reasons we both look forward to Elite Golf School weekly.

    ★★★★★ Tom S.

    We have nothing but positive things to say about Riley and the amazing lessons he has given our son. He is professional and knowledgeable and his instruction is tailored to meet Jacob’s needs there by improving both his mechanics as well as his mental game. We highly recommend Elite.

    ★★★★★ Julie A.

    Kasey Ryan was the consummate professional, helpful, knowledgeable and insightful. She honed in on what I needed to change and within minutes had corrected a problem I’ve been plagued with for months. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Good lesson!

    ★★★★★ Bill P.

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    Best Rated Elite Golf School Near Chandler

    At Elite Golf Schools, we understand that juniors are the stars of tomorrow, and we are proud to play a part in their development of both the mental and physical aspects of golf. Whether you are starting from square one and need to understand fundamentals, or if you are already playing competitively and looking to master your skills, there is something for everyone here! Check out our development and advanced junior golf programs to find the perfect fit for you.

    Beginner Junior Golf Lessons Near Chandler

    Beginner Junior Golf Lessons

    Our state-of-the-art Chandler junior golf programs are geared toward beginners with little to no experience or understanding of the game. We focus on principles such as setup, the rules of play, and form to give you a good foundation.

    Flexible Junior Golf School Programs Near Chandler

    JuniorGolf School Programs

    We offer a wide variety of focused coaching for all ages and skill levels. From beginner to elite, players experience comprehensive training, skill improvement, and better understanding of the mental aspect of the game.

    Advanced Junior Golf Camp Near Chandler

    AdvancedJunior Golf Camp

    This advanced golf camp is designed for players already competing at tournament levels who want to fine-tune their skills even further. These five-star junior school golf lessons have shaped state champions, scoreboard leaders, and more.

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    Realize your full potential with golf instruction from the pros at Elite Golf Schools. Call us today to learn more about our Phoenix golf programs.

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    High School Golf Programs

    There are numerous reasons that students choose to play golf in high school. Some students have been playing for years and are making a focused effort to be recognized by college recruiters. Other students may simply want to learn the basic fundamentals of the game, or improve their skill level. Whatever the reason, Elite Golf Schools offers a wide range of Chandler high school golf lessons designed to train students right where they are at and help them see improvement.

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    Junior Golf Camps

    At our junior golf camps, our coaches focus on both technique and fun. Our ultimate goal is to help students love the game. We utilize a holistic approach by blending all aspects together – mental, physical, and emotional – while helping students master the fundamentals and techniques. From individual instruction to small group coaching, our instructors take time to get to know each student along with their strengths and weaknesses, and create a unique coaching plan for moving forward.

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    College Prep Golf Programs

    For the dedicated high school student looking to play competitively at a collegiate level, our college prep packages pick up right where the Chandler high school golf program leaves off. Elite Golf Schools of Arizona has designed this rigorous program to help students earn college scholarships to their choice university through a total recruitment package that includes tournament play analysis and preparation, customized practice plans, and a total player improvement plan designed to help your student meet goals quickly.

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    Dedicated Golf Instructors Near Chandler

    Elite Golf Schools of Arizona provides golf lessons and programs at our local Chandler golf school to meet every golfer’s needs.

    • Developmental and Advanced Junior Programs
    • Developmental and Advanced High School Programs
    • College Prep
    • Adult Lessons and Programs

    Kids Golf Lessons Near Chandler

    Nobody is too young to start learning golf! Our kids’ lessons at Elite Golf Schools help children establish a solid understanding of the game itself, rules of play, technique, form, basic structure, proper etiquette, and more. The teacher to student ratio is small to ensure that every student has the best chance to learn.

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    Chandler Junior Golf Lessons Near You

    Students who understand basic game play and want to improve their skills will fit right into our junior golf camp at Elite Golf Schools. We offer both developmental and advanced packages so that players of all skill levels have an opportunity to learn in a competitive environment. There is something for everyone here!

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    Qualified Corporate Golf Instructors

    One of our most popular Chandler adult golf programs at Elite Golf Schools is the corporate golf lesson package. Whether you own a small business or are the CEO of a large organization, our corporate golf program will build a customized golf event for your employees to promote relaxation, team-building, communication, and improved morale.

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    Skilled Adult Golf Lessons

    At Elite Golf Schools, you will find a variety of Chandler adult golf lessons available for both developmental and advanced skill levels. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced player, our on-course lessons and programs will help you improve physical skills, lower your scores, and improve your mental game.

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    Riley Andrews, founder and golf coach in Gilbert, Arizona

    Do you have what it takes?

    Junior Champions is an advanced Elite Golf Schools of Arizona program for junior golfers committed to becoming the best with up to 15+ hours of weekly coaching. Give us a call today or complete the online form to learn more about our junior champions program!

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