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Basic Golf Terms Every Golfer Should Know

The Definitive List Of Golf Terms For Beginners

Golf has become very popular over the years. Nearly half of Americans play golf at least once a year, so it’s not surprising to know it as one of the most common sports. 

It has many reasons to be so popular, including being a great way to enjoy nature, exercise, or even relax after a long day. If you’re already into this sport and want to improve your game, you should learn basic golf terms. 

The game evolved as time went on. Eventually, the Dutch and the Scots popularized the sport and transformed it into what it is today.

Amazingly, much of the original terminology used to describe the sport has survived the test of time and is still common on golf courses. But if you’ve never played before, you might not be too comfortable with golf lingo.

Check the information below to learn more about golf terms in Arizona.

List Of Golf Terms For Beginners

Ace Instead Of Hole-In-One

Surely everyone has heard of a hole-in-one, right? But, believe it or not, that’s not the proper way to describe this miraculous shot.

Outside the United States, the most prevalent phrase for a hole-in-one is “ace”’ Although it’s unclear why the United States made the phrase “hole-in-one” popular, “ace” is still often used in many European nations.

Bunker (Usually A Sand Trap)

One thing you should know if you’ve never played golf before is that you don’t want to end up in a bunker.

In today’s golf language, the bunker is most usually referred to as a sand trap.

Sand traps are a common hazard on golf courses, but their history is rather interesting. Due to Scotland’s role in the growth of golf, many golf courses were near bodies of water.

Consequently, players frequently had to deal with risks like big pits or long areas of sand. Imagine playing golf on a surface similar to a beach if you believe today’s sand traps are challenging.

It was quite difficult back then, so we have a lot to thank for the last advances regarding golf games. 

Think about that the next time you consider taking Cave Creek golf lessons, it will surely be more comfortable than it was a long time ago.

Par (Number Of Strokes)

Par is another term for the number of strokes it takes a player to finish a hole. When you first start playing, you’ll realize that getting to par is frequently challenging.

That’s because most courses base their pars on a range of factors such as hazards, distance, and the number of strokes a professional would need to complete a hole.

In other words, they’re made to be difficult.


A bogey is not the worst score a golfer can achieve, but it is not desirable. A bogey indicates that a player finished one hole above par.

Expect to make a lot of bogeys if you’re new to the game of golf. But don’t give up; with practice, your abilities will improve.

Albatross Or Double Eagle

An albatross also called a double eagle, is rather uncommon. To obtain an albatross, the player must complete a hole in three strokes under par.

Egg & Ham

We enjoy talking about this golf term because it’s by far one of the dumbest ones. Moreover, golf players use it frequently in any situation, whether in a tournament or just golf lessons in Gilbert .

When two players in a team “ham and egg” a hole, one of them performed exceptionally well while the other shot significantly worse than par.

Should I Use This Term Often?

You may not need to use these terms frequently, but you will feel more comfortable on the golf course if you know their meaning. Now it’s time to put your knowledge in practice and play cheerfully! 

Take The Best Golf Lessons In Arizona

Knowing the previous golf terminology can help you dazzle your friends at your next tee time.

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