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Whether you are a youth or an adult living in Anthem, this is the place to go if you want to improve your golf skills. Our instructors will show you the proper fundamentals of your swing in various scenarios, whether it is when you tee off or if you are hitting a ball out of a sand trap. You will find your golf game improving as time goes on. Contact us today to learn more!

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    5-Star Rated Golf Lessons Near Anthem, AZ

    Our golf instructors consistently get great reviews from former students. They are patient, knowledgeable, and can correct flaws in your form or swing instantly. You will benefit from their years of experience out on the golf courses. Our rates are very reasonable and you will find it to be a worthy investment.

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    With a son who is addicted to the sport it has so far been a wonderful experience for us. He comes home from lessons talking about what he has learns each week and can’t wait to hit the course to implement what he has learned. The facilities are great for both the student and the parent who wants to relax while the young ones work. For these reasons we both look forward to Elite Golf School weekly.

    ★★★★★ Tom S.

    We have nothing but positive things to say about Riley and the amazing lessons he has given our son. He is professional and knowledgeable and his instruction is tailored to meet Jacob’s needs there by improving both his mechanics as well as his mental game. We highly recommend Elite.

    ★★★★★ Julie A.

    Kasey Ryan was the consummate professional, helpful, knowledgeable and insightful. She honed in on what I needed to change and within minutes had corrected a problem I’ve been plagued with for months. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Good lesson!

    ★★★★★ Bill P.

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    Anthem’s #1 Golf Lessons At Elite Golf Schools

    We are highly ranked among golf schools because we teach proper golf fundamentals from the very start. Our instructors will analyze your swing in various situations and teach you how to adjust. They will also explain how to compensate for certain variables, like the winds or the conditions of the greens. You will be well prepared to hone your golf game.

    Beginner Junior Golf Lessons Near Anthem

    Beginner Junior Golf Lessons

    At Elite Golf School, we don’t expect every junior player to have skills like Tiger Woods the very first time that they swing a golf club. It is a learning process and our instructors will be very patient with your child when teaching them how to use various clubs, ranging from drivers to putters.

    Flexible Junior Golf School Programs Near Anthem

    JuniorGolf School Programs

    Sometimes consistent structure is what Anthem youths need when it comes to learning golf. They can come to Elite Golf School regularly and spend regular time on the golf course so that they can learn how to read the conditions and make adjustments to their game as time goes on.

    Advanced Junior Golf Camp Near Anthem

    AdvancedJunior Golf Camp

    Once our students have reached a certain level of proficiency with their golf game, it’s time to ramp up the learning curve. That’s where our advanced camp comes in. Our instructors will go into even greater detail about how to improve their golf game in all areas.

    Junior Golf Lessons near Anthem, AZ

    Junior Golf Lessons Near You

    If your child loves golf, then the Junior Golf Lessons are going to be great for them. The patient instructors from Elite Golf School will work with them while making the learning fun and exciting. Contact us today to learn about our cost-effective rates and schedule a time.

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    Golf Academy With Lessons For Kids

    When your child goes to the Golf Academy, they will learn how to play golf through positive lessons and learn ways to improve. They will be coached rather than just being instructed – this is a better way of teaching. Our staff will sit down with the students and talk first before going out and playing. The Academy is an excellent way to learn golf.

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    Professional Golf Camp For Adults

    If you are an adult and have aspirations to play golf professionally, this is a great way to do that. Our instructors will hone in the most important fundamentals in terms of your golf swing and how to adjust for various weather conditions and other situations. Contact us to learn more.

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    Dedicated Anthem Golf Instructors Near You

    Our instructors at Elite Golf School have years of experience teaching people from Anthem how to play golf. They are dedicated to helping you or your children significantly improve your own game.

    • Developmental & Advanced Junior Programs

    • Developmental & Advanced High School Programs

    • College Prep, Adult Lessons & Programs

    Professional Golf Classes For Kids Near Anthem

    There are some kids who just grasp the game of golf quickly and gravitate to playing it all the time. Elite Golf School is committed to helping those from Anthem possibly realize their dreams of being able to play the game professionally in the not-so-distant future with our professional golf classes.

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    Gilbert AZ golf school at Trilogy Golf Club

    Best Rated Golf Lessons Providing Golf Scholarships Near Anthem

    There are ways to be able to go to college on a golf-scholarship. At Elite Golf School, we have programs that can put your child or teen on that track. It can be a great investment for the future. Contact us today to learn about our rates and amenities.

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    Certified Golf Coaches For Junior Golf Tournaments

    Our coaches have been in many tournaments themselves and know how to help your child get into and play well in junior golf tournaments. They will work on both the mental and physical side of the game to help them excel from the very first drive off the tee at the first hole of the tournament.

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    Trusted Golf Lessons For Corporate & Business Groups Near Anthem

    There are times that an Anthem-based office might want to do a group lesson as a sort of getaway from the stresses of business. Spending time on the golf course is an excellent way to do that and we can also teach them certain golf fundamentals along the way. Reach out to us at Elite Golf School to learn more.

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    Riley Andrews, founder and golf coach in Gilbert, Arizona

    Learn With Our Golf Programs For All Ages

    Golf is a game for people of all ages, from a youngster to a senior citizen. If you live in Anthem and want to learn how to play golf, contact us today!

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    Top-Rated Adults & Junior Golf Academy Near Anthem



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